Brain gym instructor courses in India

Brain gym instructor courses in India

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Brain Gym is a program that focuses on integrating brain activities for a better lifestyle. There are several techniques which help an individual to gain balance in life. This course is suitable for everyone, from kids to adults. It helps them to overcome challenges in life and channel all their efforts and energy towards success. It creates a mindset that pushes oneself for achieving the set goals. One of the most crucial responsibility in a Brain gym course belongs to the instructor. It is the duty of the instructor to guide the participants in the right manner.


To become an instructor of the brain gym course, one has to undergo training and learning. The time period of training can vary from 32 hours to 64 hours. It also depends upon the type of training you undergo. The Brain gym course comes under an Educational Kinesiology Program. Kinesiology is the science of understanding the relationship between physical structure, movement and the brain. The course aims at removing the blockages which we deliberately create through our lack of awareness.


Under this course, you will learn a set of techniques. The main phase starts when you learn the 26 basic Brain Gym movements. Movement is now understood to be essential for learning, creative thinking and formal reasoning. These techniques create a medium for the movements to be applied to assess individual needs and goals. This course creates a path towards the educational Kinesiology program. You start learning on a professional stage. This is the first step of learning the brain gym program at a professional level.


The next step is to learning techniques which will let you tap to your full potential.  Few activities will also be performed to help you unlock your potent level. You will use all your senses and learn various styles of communication. The best part is that you will be taught using innovative techniques of learning. During this phase, you learn all about the significance of sensory preferences. You are well-versed with each part of the body eye, hand, ear or part of the brain do you prefer to process information.  You also learn how your sensory profile affects your inner skills, your sense of self and how do you feel about the world outside you.


Under this training, you will also learn how the connections between your thoughts, feelings and overall wellbeing. The aim here is to create a balance between the body and mind for living a fulfilling life. You learn about tools that help you become a healthier and happier person. Initially, you will learn about some techniques for gathering feedback from the body and allowing positive changes through physical intrusion.


Brain gym course focuses on creating a sense of awareness for yourself and self-development. It creates a sense of empowerment for our physical and mental wellbeing.  You also learn to look at human behaviour from a different perspective, there are seven dimensions towards this perspective. It deepens your understanding as to how the brain