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Preschool teacher training

The training program for preschool is an important part of the preschool franchise model. While it is easy to learn about innovative methods of teaching pertaining to younger age groups between 2.5 to 4, it is also important to know about how effectively a lesson plan can be facilitated. The primary advantage is that the training program is phased out in various levels and the trainees are awarded with a certificate. We conduct professional guidance and preschool teacher training in Mumbai.

Classroom guides are also presented via handouts. The program adds value with audio-video representation of various concepts that is interesting, modern and adheres to several concepts.

The accreditation received via reputed training programs is certainly beneficial. The subtle ways to attract students and help them develop individual traits is also a part of an effective training program, which is dealt in a separate chapter pertaining to emotional intelligence. We have the most interactive preschool teacher training modules. Certain important tenets of personality, decorum, speaking skills and communication are also mastered during the training program. Continuity is maintained in all the concepts with feedback and role plays thereby creating a formal approach.

We also offer pre-primary teacher training.

Preschool training is also about record and stock keeping. Various other cognitive skills development and fostering social skills is included in the workshop. We conduct Preschool Teacher Training in India. Nourishing and encouraging children with music, art and drawing is also a part of an effective lesson plan.

Organizing science programs and mother toddler sessions are also a part of the training program. Levels are phased out in the preschool training to create a methodological approach that is interactive and interesting. Creative and inspiring ideas for making models in 3 d and chart making are also expressed in the process.