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Mother Toddler Program Curriculum

The Mother Toddler program is a specially designed short duration program for both mothers and their toddlers. They need to attend this program together. The duration varies from a couple of months to six months at the most. The age group for toddlers ranges from 10 months to 2 years. The frequency of the sessions also varies. This program is intended to encourage the interaction between mothers and toddlers and at the same time help the mother to observe the kids closely and understand them better. Mothers also get an opportunity to be introduced to the preschool world and enjoy the environment there. The toddlers benefit by getting a chance to spend quality time with the moms and also get acquainted with the school premises without any fuss. Various playschools work on the Mother Toddler Curriculum in India and it is getting popular.

We are consultants and provide services to design and implement the Mother Toddler programs. We have pre-designed programs and we also provide service to design new ones as per your choice. We work to understand the intricacies of the activities and design of the program so as to develop the overall skills of the toddlers. The games and activities are selected to develop emotional, intellectual, psychological and motor skills of the kids. The program is framed so that the mothers understand the needs and interest of the child. The children are given the choice to explore and understand the activities of their choice with their mom by their side.

We also help you provide valuable takeaways and information after this program. This helps the mother understand the development of the kid and contribute to the learning process. Mother Toddler programs not only help you get valuable clients for your preschool, but as entrepreneurs these programs increase the positive reputation of your brand. You can get in touch with us for the Mother Toddler program curriculum and Mother Toddler Curriculum planning.