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Benefits and drawbacks of play school franchise

Starting a play school through a franchise option appears to be a lucrative business opportunity in India. There are several established and budding play school brands that offer franchise opportunities that appear to be tempting. The basic conditions that are laid down to start a play school include the investment of a definite amount, possession of a defined area in a prospective location and your time and dedicated efforts to set up and run the play school.

There are certain play school franchise advantages when it comes to franchise options. The franchisor school monitors the process of infrastructure set up and paper work. Thus you have a professional guidance as you go through all the formalities. The playgroup syllabus, play school curriculum in India and education material is readily available. As a franchisee, you have access to the curriculum resources and training sessions. The norms and conditions for eligibility of the teachers and the add-on training for them is defined. You need to ensure that you recruit the teaching staff accordingly.

However, along with the advantages, there are certain limitations and drawbacks related to franchise options. You need to discuss and clarify the finance related terms and conditions in the initial stages. There are certain brands where there are extra charges for various aspects like education material, teacher’s training, course fee and other matters. Similarly, when you opt for a franchise option, you need to adhere to the conditions put forth by the franchisor school. The brand name that you work for also belongs to the franchisor.

Thus when you decide to open a playschool in India with a franchise option, you need to carefully weigh the advantages and the drawbacks of the proposal. You need to understand the legal formalities and the ratio of the efforts to the benefits that you will gain. We are consultants and offer advice regarding play school set up cost and plays school set up ideas if you wish to opt for the franchise options in India.