Brain gym courses in India

Brain gym courses in India 

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Nowadays, the life we live is more of stress and achieving materialistic things and be at top of the world without valuing ourselves. Are we really aware of our own movement patterns and the way it is harming us. Brain Gym program is a course which aims at brain integration by increasing the flow of oxygen and enhance the learning. Your body movements are taken into consideration. Synchronize your system for better learning, concentration, focus, communication, body posture, visualization, eye peripheral vision and many more.


The Brain Gym course is a well-known and practiced on an international level too.  For kids who learn at a slower speed or having attention deficit or are very hyper in comparison to other kids, this course creates magic and is extremely helpful as it enhances overall growth. Whatever you learn from the course can be used both personally and professionally. The main focus is to understand the dimensions of brain-body intelligence. The program is not limited to kids but also useful to elders too and balance equilibrium.


The brain gym program majorly targets the brain activities. Through one’s movement pattern, the program attempts to activate and integrate the whole brain. It involves with very simple exercises the difference is that it affects you on a mental level. This exercise targets your muscles and strengthens it. As a result, brain activities are stirred.


The program helps you create balance in life. This balance will not only prove beneficial for you, but also for those around you. The course teaches you a variety of techniques. A few of these techniques aim at creating a balance between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, which will help you communicate more consciously. You will achieve the goals which require more of your attention, focus and determination.

The Brain Gym course involves 26 movements along with this there are several movements that will enhance your personality overall. You will be given a brief about the principles of the program. Before undergoing the process, you should understand it completely.  There will be a basic brief about our dynamic brain, and how it works for you. How the brain activity is affected by stress, and how does it process information? All the questions will be answered initially.


You will have fun learning practices. The techniques aim to improve your attention, focus, positivity, sociability, motivation, confidence, coordination, reasoning, speech and much more. It will also help you improve your communication patterns. This program will also help you clear all that emotional stress you have been holding up. You will be a different person at the end of the program.


Think of the Brain Gym Course as your personal self-development manual. You receive ways to manage and overcome your stress. You will feel much more energy, which will inspire you to achieve things. The course can be customised as per individual’s needs. You will learn to manage your emotions, and channel the negative energy towards productivity and growth. This course is a must, as it will help you improve your mental health, for a brighter future.


There are 3 levels of courses which helps to develop overall personality and they are as follows –

LEVEL – 1 – Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator – Licensed to teach the 26 Brain Gym Movements

  • 26 Brain Gym Movements (16 Hours)
  • Brain Gym Basic Certification 101 (32 Hours)
  • Brain Gym 26 movements accreditation course (24 Hours)

Level – 2 – Educational Kinesiology Consultant – To work one-to-one with Educational Kinesiology and Brain gym sessions, deliver short term Brain gym seminars

  • Optimal Brain Organization Course 201
  • Touch for Health (7 Ds Access Course)
  • 7 Dimensions of Intelligence Course 301
  • Repeat balance for Daily Life Course Brain Gym 101
  • Brain Gym Instructor Training Course 401


Level – 3 – Brain Gym 101 (Balance for Daily Life) Instructor – To deliver the Brain gym 101 Course. Brain Gym 101 Instructor Co-teaching Program.

  • Assist Teach Brain Gym 101 Course
  • Co-teach Brain Gym 101 Course
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation
  • Confirmation of qualification


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