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If you are planning to design an after school program in your preschool, you need to get started with designing a curriculum for the same. However, there are several factors that need to be considered when you plan such programs along with the Kindergarten curriculum in India.

To begin with, you need to consider two basic and important factors that are the needs and interest of the students and the interests of the staff members who are supposed to guide them. The activities that you plan should appeal to both of them. Similarly, the environment and culture also play an important role.

Another important factor is the fact that after school programs should provide the time and scope to get students pursue their own interests and explore talents in areas of interest. These could be those interests that cannot be pursued in the regular school curriculum. The cost of the curriculum is one of the governing factors that will decide which activities need to be a part of it.

There are some important points that you need to consider when you design after school programs:

  • The program should be scheduled to strike a balance between the time for planned activities and the free time to explore the students’ interests. In this way the students can learn to interact with the peers and execute team tasks as well as they can get the time to unwind from the preschool activities and follow their own interests.
  • The planned activities should have variations and should retain the enthusiasm of the students. You can plan schedules for each week after observing the interest and development of the kids. The activities should emphasize learning through fun and also ensure that the kids develop their social, physical and emotional skills through these activities.
  • You can occasionally give a choice to the students to come up with new activities that could be interesting. It helps in developing their interpersonal skills and boosts their creativity. You can also provide scope for the students’ involvement in the curriculum by taking their inputs in various activities like celebrations and performances. This develops a sense of belonging within the student.
  • Once designed and implemented, the program should be reviewed and updated intermittently for better options. It is not advisable to keep on repeating the same stuff for long durations. The program should have new options and activities that will help the kids retain their interest. While doing so, you also need to consider the constraints and limitations of the kids.

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