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Kindergarten curriculum Planning

Early learning experiences have a profound effect on the development of a child. When children come to school for the first time, they arrive with a variety of experiences from backgrounds like home environments, child care and communities. In Kindergarten children get introduced to the world of education through new experiences that shape them for their future. It is therefore essential to establish the foundation of knowledge and skills in a way that will positively influence their future.

To give the children the best start, the kindergarten curriculum should focus on providing the children with a variety of learning opportunities based on their interests, capacities and needs. There should also be an assessment pattern that will help the teachers understand the development of the kids.  In India, Kindergarten comprises of the Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). After Kindergarten, the child is led to the primary school. The Education Department has laid certain norms for the minimum and maximum age for Kindergarten and kindergarten curriculum in India. This is around 3 to 5 years. The curriculum too needs to be developed taking into account the needs of this age group.

We are educare consultants and offer consultancy services for developing Kindergarten syllabus in India. We consider the framework that is essential as per the learning expectations of the education system. You could opt for a choice of pre-existing curriculum for kindergarteners that could relate to educational boards in India and add your customized add-on activities. Alternatively, we can also work with you for a complete customized Kindergarten curriculum of your own.

When developing the curriculum, we provide the help of educational experts who guide you in the required areas of learning like Maths, Language, Physical Development, and Arts. You can also consider the factors like learning needs of the children, role of the educators and the parents when implementing the syllabus. We also provide help for curriculum for playgroup in India and daily playgroup curriculum in India.