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Mother toddler program activities and curriculum

The Mother Toddler program is getting popular in preschools these days. This is a specially customized program for toddlers of the age groups of 10 months to 2 years and their Moms. Various preschools design these programs for varied durations that could range from 2 months to 6 months. The aim of this program is to get the toddlers and their mothers introduced to the learning and academic world and to acquaint the mother with the learning interests of her baby. The Mother Toddler program has become an important aspect of the early childhood curriculum development.

Mothers attend this program with the tiny tots in the school for a couple of hours as per the schedule. The Mother Toddler program curricular varies as designed by the schools. However, the idea is to let the kids explore the school, games, and several activities as per their interest. Since they have their mom with them, they are comfortable and explore things freely. The mothers can observe the kids, interact and play with them and also understand their interest.


The teachers are present to guide the moms about the various aspects of cognitive development in kids and they explain them how to guide the kid to various types of activities and bring out the best in them. This quality time that the mother and the kid spend together proves to be very important.

The Parent toddler curriculum involves various games, puzzles and activities like music, poetry, dance, drama and several others. Children can also enjoy outdoor activities like soft gym, sandpit and other equipments. Introducing a Mother Toddler curriculum in your preschool also helps in marketing and promotion of your brand as it generates a positive publicity.

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