Brain gym certification and training in India

Brain gym certification and training in India

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Brain gym is a course that aims at creating a balance between the mind and body as the name indicates itself it is course related to enhance Brain. It focuses on integrating the brain activities in a manner to channel all the energy towards productivity. It attempts to trigger the whole brain and unlock an individual’s full potential. Through this course, an individual creates a sense of self and understands the importance of crucial things like conscious communication and decision making. This course lets you understand every bit of the brain.


The Brain gym certification is open for all age groups. In various parts of the world, it has proved beneficial for the people even for the kids with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Mental Disorder and many more. This course enhance your personality by increasing your concentration, memory, visualization, mental coordination, memory, writing skills and many more skills for the development of the kids or adults.


The certification course consists of 26 Brain Gym movements which help you to understand and become aware about yourself. Along with the movements, you learn to posture your body well and enhance learning towards fulfilling your goal. There are a lot of fun activities that help you Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory, Tactile and Body Posture.


Brain Gym Certification course is a part of the Educational Kinesiology Program. This course has various facets. You learn about yourself and how your sensory actions affect your overall creative thinking. You understand how your feelings and thoughts are connected to your decision making. You drive with more consciousness. You are more active and focused.


Brian gym certification involves training from experienced instructors. You can also get customized training according to your specific requirements. The instructors are mentored from experienced professionals.


Brain Gym is a course to activate the Brain. It helps you develop a few key aspects of living a fulfilling life, such as confidence, sociability, coordination, reasoning, self-belief and more over balancing your body posture and increasing the creative thinking. It enhances thinking capability by using both the sides of the brain. You will become more aware of your thought process and emotional stability.


The Brain gym course takes you through a journey of self-development. This program has various phases. You begin with understanding how the brain works, and how you create obstacles for yourself. You also learn how stressful situations affect your ability to think clearly and communicate effectively. Brain gym movements, eventually help you to channelize your energy towards your goals and ambitions and enhance your learning overall.