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We are school products suppliers in Mumbai. We deal in educational products at various school levels.


If you run an education institute or a day care centre, or are planning to start one, you will constantly require a supply of school or educational products. This starts right from the time you set up the school and even when you have settled in your business. Educational products occur in numerous categories and also vary in price range.

Some of the educational products like learning equipments like black and white boards, chalks, dusters, markers, learning equipments are mandatory for any school. Similarly, you can order library books, CDs and audio collections as per the extent of the school library. For a playschool or a preschool, you require various types of games that include pretend and play sets, modeling clay, puzzles and other games. Sports equipments also form a mandatory part as school products. Preschools have a different requirement than primary and high schools. Numerous sets of various types of story books, nursery rhymes are also required. We deal in preschool and school supplies in Mumbai.

We have been supplying our products to  Mumbai , Delhi , Kolkata  Bengaluru, Hyderabad Chennai , Ahmedabad ,  Visakhapatnam, Pune , Surat Jaipur , Lucknow Nagpur, Indore, Patna

You also need a set of teaching supplies for teachers as well. These include stationery

Items like pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, and other basics school supplies. Additional items like prizes, medals, small gifts and many other items are also required intermittently. A set of registers and mandatory documents are also essential.


School Bags  are an essential item when it comes to kids. Planning school bag as a promotional item is a good idea. If you run a business of school books, school accessories or if you have set up a new school section, this gift is an ideal gift. You can get wide options to select from when you are planning to buy a school bag. We are wholesale suppliers of school bags for teenagers and provide custom made school bags.

School bags occur in various types depending on the age group. Nowadays school bags mostly occur in the backpack form. The school bags for preschool and primary school kids are smaller, colorful and bright. These kids are usually fascinated by designs and their favorite superheroes. The school bags for middle and high school kids are less glamorous and more durable so as to carry the book loads. The older kids also like sling bags. We are kid’s school bag and backpack manufacturers in Mumbai.

You can think of school bags as a promotional item and print the details of your school on the front surface. The bag that you select needs to be of a good quality and durable as school bags are exposed to a lot of wear and tear by the way kids handle them. The shoulder straps should be broad and cushioned to provide the necessary comfort and the lining of the bag should be sound and durable. You may select unisex designs for the bags or opt for designs that are specific to girls and boys. We are school bag wholesalers in Mumbai and provide school bags and lunch bags for kids. You can contact us for school bag catalogue with price list.


Lunch Bags and Lunch Purse for Kids Lunch box is an object of attraction for school kids. They love the fascinating designs and shapes in which they occur. However, the lunch bags and purses are of equal importance for them. They love to flaunt bags and purses that are colorful and stylish. Kids do not give in easily to simple pale bags but expect more. We are dealers of wholesale lunch bags in Mumbai.

The market is flooded with endless varieties of lunch bags and purses. You can consider these items as promotional gifts if you are into a business related to educational items. You can have the options of small, medium and large size lunch bags. You can go in for branded or local varieties. The branded varieties usually have a limited range of designs and colors. If you consider the local ones, you get more variety. We are manufacturers of lunch bags in Mumbai and provide lunch purse for kids in Mumbai.

The lunch bags should be light weight yet durable. They should be washable and water resistant. As kids may not handle these bags properly, there is a possibility of food items getting spilled over. The bags should not retain the stains in such cases. Some varieties of lunch purses have a thermostat to keep the food hot. The quality of such bags should be good so as to maintain the quality of the food.

If you are planning to give lunch bags or lunch purses as a promotional gift, you need to consider various patterns for various age groups. The preschool kids require a small bag that carries the snacks box. Elder kids require bags of various sizes depending on the lunch and snacks breaks in school. The high school kids need a slightly bigger size or may be a lunch purse with designs that suit their age. We provide lunch bag and purses in Mumbai at wholesale prices.

Baby Products

The variety and types of baby products that are available today have resulted baby products being a major part of the markets today. Household with babies and those with expecting ones are major consumers for these products. Apart from these, nurseries, day care centers, baby sitting centers are also major stakeholders.

Baby products are available in an enormous range today. Diapers, diaper pails, diaper disposers, baby clothes are available in well known and local brands as well. Baby care products like skin creams and lotions, baby oils, soaps, special detergents for baby clothes, baby shampoo are available in exciting shapes and flavors. Accessories for babies like baby nail trimmers, hair brushes, wipes, baby jewelry are also seen in trendy designs. We are wholesale distributors of baby products in Mumbai.

Baby products are no longer restricted to babies but have also covered parents as well. Mommy and Daddy bags, baby slings and carriers, strollers now are considered to be a part of baby products category. Feeding accessories like breast pumps, feeding wear, feeding bottles and related accessories to maintain them are a significant part of baby products.