School bags

We offer the best kits for preschool with accessories and that includes school bags. The right size of bag is essential for support and agility in children. Suiting modern trends and light weight with awesome prints ,we have great bags meant for school boys and girls. Bright, durable and new age school bags for kids in India are now available with us. I


t is great to know that we have an entire collection of bags that can be easily branded with your preschool logo or message. It is great to be associated with preschool kits with us as they are trendy, durable and alluring especially when it comes to the range is school bags.
We have the best in School Bags, preschool Backpacks which is durable. S


tudents use the bags for several purposes and continuous usage of zippers or side pockets does not make it weak. It is desired that you call on us and meet to know more about the varieties we have in new age bags that are meant for preschoolers. We have a new range in bags meant specially for field trips with extra compartment and tough zippers to keep napkins, double stacked Tiffin’s and a host of other items. We have a complete set of lunch bags too and regular preschoolers’ bags that are soft, interesting and easy to carry.

We offer the best rates when it comes to smart bags meant for school going children. They have the smart back packs that come in a variety of colors and it can be easily coordinated with your preschool color or slogan. Shop for the best school bags for kids wholesale in Mumbai from us. The size and shape can also be chosen from the amazing variety that is available in our online cart. We offer the largest collection as we are children school bag wholesalers in Mumbai.